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Habitat for Humanity of St. Charles County Family Pays Off Mortgage

Jill Clark Cookerly walked into the Habitat for Humanity of St. Charles County office this past June to complete the remaining payments on her mortgage early after residing in her Habitat home for over 13 years.
key1She began her partnership with Habitat St. Charles as a single mother of three boys in 2003 after being affected by the Flood of ’93 while residing in Section 8 housing. After qualifying for the homeownership program, Jill began to work toward her sweat equity hours by assisting in the build of her home and attending homeownership education courses. Shortly after the completed build of her simple, affordable home, Jill and her sons moved in to their new, wheelchair accessible home.

Jill is now a special education teacher, her three sons have graduated high school, and she lives in her Habitat home with her husband, Robert, whom she met and married three years after becoming a homeowner. The newest addition to their family is their two and a half year old son.

The Cookerlys have viewed their partnership with Habitat as a “blessing” and “the stepping stone [they] needed”.

“I am unsure where we would have been without our wheelchair accessible home,” remarks Jill. “The hand-up was an ideal [opportunity].”

“It is such a privilege to partner with families like the Cookerly’s who are committed to providing a stable home for their families,” said Homeowner Support Manager, Michelle Woods. Habitat families work hard to help build their homes, engage in thorough homeowner education courses, and pay for their homes, which are sold at market value.

Habitat for Humanity of St. Charles County offers families the opportunity to purchase a home, build wealth, and change their future. As the Cookerly’s have shown, homeownership through Habitat is a hand up that provides the foundation for a family to grow and succeed, as well as enrich the lives of others.
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